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Health Benefits of MCT Oil

Health Benefits of MCT Oil

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MCT oil is a dietary supplement that is distilled from coconut oil.

MCT oil is a supplement made from a type of fat called medium-chain triglycerides.

Health Benefits of MCT Oil
Health Benefits of MCT Oil


When the body is depleted of carbs, it uses fat as an energy source by breaking down fats and creating ketones in the body. On top of that, research shows that ketones are a cleaner fuel source for the brain, providing a boost in mental clarity, focus, short-term memory and helping to keep brain fog away. Not only that, more ketones in the body also helps reduce cravings and naturally increases energy levels in our body.

Now here’s where a quality MCT Oil comes into play…

MCT Oil is digested and converted into fuel much faster in the body than regular fats. Even other healthy fats. Ketosis is the state where the body produces ketones by burning fat for fuel.

AVOID Other MCT Oils

These forms of MCT are lower quality and provide fewer ketones for the body. To put it simply, this just means it takes longer for the body to convert these fats with higher carbons into ketones. C8 is widely known for being a high quality MCT because of how rapidly it can produce ketones in the body, providing a higher and faster rate of fat loss.

Every single person who has tried our MCT Oil has been absolutely floored by how delicious an MCT Oil can possible taste and how they LOVE adding it to their morning coffee, teas, shakes, and even sprinkled onto foods.

About Nutrition Hacks MCT Oils

In all my years of trying health product after health product, I would’ve never imagined such a high quality MCT oil to be so darn delicious. I take it every morning with my coffee and I feel satiated all day long. This product really is a blessing. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t stay in ketosis for more than a couple days.

I found Nutrition Hacks MCT Oil and I finally began to lose weight. I was starting to get depressed and low on energy. Luckily, my loving husband ordered Nutrition Hacks MCT Oil for me and although I was hesitant, I tried it. When I saw that Nutrition Hacks all-natural MCT oil came in 3 flavors, I decided to give it a shot.

The vanilla was rich, the coconut crisp and the apple caramel made me feel young again. These Are Just a Few of the Thousands of People That Have Seen Results From NutritionHacks MCT Oil. Whether they were on the keto diet or not, they were able to achieve their goals safely and effectively. It makes us proud to be able to provide a higher quality of life.

You see, we’ve tested hundreds of different flavors and variations of MCT Oils with coffee, tea and a wide range of beverages.

We’ve Boiled It Down To These 3 Mouth-Watering Flavors

Our creamy vanilla flavor tastes like a heavenly vanilla ice cream. It’s like enjoying a rich and creamy vanilla milkshake on a hot summer day. For those who want a bold taste, our caramel apple flavor is perfect. It’s a mixture that is rich and velvety that will stay with you throughout the day.It’s like drenching a crisp juicy apple in loads of caramel sauce.

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