NeuroActiv6-Brain Boosting Superfood Powder

NeuroActiv6-Brain Boosting Superfood Powder

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NeuroActiv6 is the ultimate multi-nutrient powder that has been specifically designed to include polyphenol compounds, nootropics, and bio-active ingredients

NeuroActiv6-Brain Boosting Super food Powder-Raise BDNF Levels, Eliminate Brain Fog, Improve Memory, Enhance Focus and Support Mood with Coffee Fruit Extract, Ashwagandha, and Citicoline

NeuroActiv6-Brain Boosting Superfood Powder
NeuroActiv6-Brain Boosting Superfood Powder


What is the Secret?

I’m going to share it with you, and show sustained, »youthful energy. «Lack of motivation to stay active or exercise, no will power to curb difficult… of brain fatigue. «So I began researching »natural« ways to boost BDNF production cocktail.

My 3pm Crash Was Gone

Well, after just six months of ingesting this BDNF absolutely phenomenal results. So I began sharing my results, encouraging others to experiment educating everyone I came in contact with on the profound power of BDNF. Women following my story and advice on Facebook.

My Mood has Become more elevated, I’m Better Able to Focus at Work

And since then my mood has become overall more elevated, I’m better able to focus at work, and the moment is, for lack of better word, richer. It has increased my focus, my energy, and my overall feeling of well being which has a big impact on my work and my day-to-day life.

This Product Has Given Me MY Life Back

As a plus, I have FAR more energy . With my energy back, I’ve been able to work in the yard shoveling, pick-axing, raking, planting, hauling and carrying for up to 8 hours and then go out in the evening to cultural events. « Life has simply gotten easier.»I have always been an avid coffee/tea drinker. I can tell you that after trying NeuroActiv-6, I am hooked, and no amount of coffee/tea could compare.NeuroActiv-6 has become a part of my everyday routine, and has completely replaced the coffee.

Wake Up Your Brain

So, the first ingredient to a healthy brain is keeping it adequately oxygenated.

Foods That Pump Oxygen to Your Brain

Acting as a potent vasodilator, nitric oxide helps widen the diameter of your blood vessels to allow a greater volume of blood to flow through, so you can enjoy more oxygen to your brain, energizing you, and also, lifting brain fog. And healthy blood flow helps your body function at its best.

 Because your blood carries oxygen and nutrients to your brain and other organs. And its essential for energy production and optimal performance of your brain.But beets are only 1 of 2 blood flow superstars that NeuroActiv6 contains.

As Much As Exercise

A recent study of 32 middle-aged women compared the benefit of exercise to that of a curcumin supplement on blood flow. What they found was that the ability of a blood vessel to in women who exercised.Cortisol helps the body deal with stress, and in small doses sustained over time. Chronic high concentration of cortisol is toxic to brain cells.

Excessive Cortisol is The Real Cause of Weight Gain as You Age

If that’s not enough, cortisol actually slows down your metabolism to a crawl. And because increased levels of cortisol and you crave sugary, fatty foods. Some studies have shown that stress and elevated cortisol tend hips.

Cortisol Supporting Superstar

While DHEA is an anti-aging hormone that provides energy and vitality. Sensoril’s energy-boosting, mood enhancing benefits were demonstrated in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, human clinical trial.

In the trial, subjects taking the recommended dose of Sensoril experienced…

Meanwhile in a 2014 Randomized, doubleblind, placebo-controlled crossover study it was demonstrated that daily consumption of Sensoril led to greater working memory, alertness, reaction time, and ability to process and store information.

Detoxify Your Brain

Neurotoxins are highly inflammatory, so much so that they literally stimulate your nerve cells to death, which leads to brain fog, loss of energy, and a reduced feeling of well being. But the US Food and Drug Administration allows 3,000 food additives for safety. 

But there are a handful of food additives that are well-documented neurotoxins. Unfortunately, some are in popular foods found in even relatively healthy diets.Here is my »Top 5 Hit List« of neurotoxic food additives that and even Alzheimer’s.


With NeuroActiv6, you’ll have the power to support a sharp brain through by easily incorporating some of these brain-boosting nutrients into your diet. Now, one of my favorite benefits of NeuroActiv6 is the boost my brain gets with clearer thinking and sharper memory.

Supports Neural Communication

Because your neurons aren’t communicating as well you experience declines in your motor and cognitive competence. Even more scary, is that often this cognitive decline seems to sneak up on us, it happens gradually, then suddenly.

NeuroActiv6-Brain Boosting Superfood Powder
NeuroActiv6-Brain Boosting Superfood Powder

What’s going on here and how can we prevent it?

The diet we have come to associate with healthy aging in neurons to produce the necessary energy for proper cell function. It’s found in very few foods and ones not often found in the Western diet, mainly liver and brain.

Here are some recent study results on Cognizin

Another study published in food and nutrition sciences found that supplementation.

Support Brain Cells for Sharp, Clear Thinking

As I mentioned earlier, one of the key features of NeuroActiv6 is its ability to increase BDNF levels.Which is why NeuroActiv6 includes NeuroFactor Whole Coffee Fruit Extract.

Does Coffee Fruit Extract Really Increase BDNF?

The coffee bean comes from a bright, pleasant looking fruit known as the coffee fruit. Studies show that coffee fruit extract is able to increase extracts, and it can improve neuroplasticity as well.

Other Brain Boosting Benefits of NeuroFactor Coffee Fruit Extract

Coffee fruit extract contains a high level of polyphenols and procyanidins. Polyphenols play a large role in helping support your neurons and other cells from damage. Multiple studies have shown the efficiency of polyphenols at supporting your brain. After learning about coffee fruit extract, many people may begin health, but this is not the case.

We see overwhelming evidence in the literature which shows the negative effects of coffee as a beverage on our bodies. This is why NeuroActiv6 is so powerful. As you can see, NeuroActiv6 has been a game-changer for aging Americans.

Every «Brain Boosting Benefit» in a Single Scoop

You can look at NeuroActiv6 as your “insurance policy” making sure you get your daily serving of these important bioactive compounds that help keep your brain healthy and young. Trying to find each of these brain boosting nutrients separately and exceptionally costly.

Does it Really Taste Good?

NeuroActiv6 is and absolutely no artificial sweeteners. In fact a lot of people are surprised its so healthy for you since it taste so good.

We manufacture and package NeuroActiv6 right here in the

So with every scoop you can be 100% certain you’re getting every ingredient mentioned, from a reputable source. Allergen free and 100% non-gmo.

We source all of the ingredients to an FDA registered facility

With our supplements, you’ll always find 100% formula transparency. All of our products include science-based ingredients at clinically effective dosages.

That’s why even after you notice

That’s why so many doctors and nutritionists recommend choosing at least 3 bottles of NeuroActiv6 to their patients. And then take it for at least 90 days or more, that way you can be absolutely positive you’re doing everything possible to experience a high functioning brain and maximum energy levels. 

That’s the choice most of our customers take, and the folks that take NeuroActiv6 regularly swear by its effectiveness. It has become part of my daily smoothie routine.

I’ve taken NeuroActiv6 with water, but I prefer adding it to my smoothie. I’m very pleased with this product and have recommended it to friends. I was surprised at my quick word-recall and can only attribute my instant word retrieval to NeuroActiv6. I’ve stopped counting the weeks that I’ve been taking NeuroActiv6.

Cognitive Elevation, Delicious Taste

After reading about the BDNF producing properties of coffee fruit extract, my search found NeuroActiv6. It not only tastes delicious but after having it first thing in the morning I notice increased mental and physical energy. Even though I continued my regular routine of a quart of warm lemon water along with other supplements, something was definitely missing. This product works amazing.

I was a regular user of cannabis and I decided to stop when it affected my level of intelligence, concentration, memory, etc. I felt like I really killed too many brain cells to rehab my normal brain function. When I started taking NeuroActiv6.

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